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Speaking Engagements / Appearances

With experience in both the writing and audiobook industries, George has spoken at schools, bookstores, libraries, writing conferences, and conventions. He has been booked as a solo guest, has been on panels & roundtable discussions, and has been a guest on various podcasts, BlogTalkRadio shows, and both terrestrial radio and television. George is currently host & producer of the podcasts Excelsior Journeys and From Duck Till Dark: Outside the Marvel Studios, and is the co-founder of the Once Upon a Podcast Network. From 2016-2018, he was part of the weekly roundtable podcast Write Pack Radio.

Previous Topics Include:

- Various Paths to Publishing

- National Novel Writing Month

- Audiobooks: The ABCs and the DIY

- Getting Started in Podcasting

- Creating Your Own Audio Drama

- Marvel v DC: The Battle of the Cinematic Universes

- Days of Franchise Past: The 20th Century Fox X-Men Franchise

- When James Bond Saved Spider-Man


Please contact George for more information.

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